PRASOM is a unique school that offers to her student more than just theoretical knowledge of the Bible. It is a school that offers her students the secret of how to gain God's control over their lives and ministries. It makes her student a decoder of the written logo of the Bible. God's Word in the Bible becomes more real to every student after the end of his/her study. It is a school that trains every minister who desire to operate in the realm of the mystery of God's Word.

Christian worker and individual Christian who is hungry for God can experience God's Supernatural power and deeper knowledge of the Bible that produces healing of the spirit and soul and body for their audience. The school opens up the understanding of her students to know how to minister the word of God in the power of the Spirit and how to accomplish God's purpose at every given time.

Online study is available for the intending students AVAILABLE COURSE IN PRASOM enables everyone to have daily access to the grace of God's Word for daily use in terms of Prayers, Edifications Protection, Provision, Victory, Ministry, Peace and Joy. It will be available for everyone to download for usage based on the rules attached to it.

This is known to be a daily tonic for those who are in need of deeper experience of God and deeper knowledge of the mystery of the kingdom of God. The result is always tremendous when the Word of God gets into the human system or situation.