This is the gospel outreach of the ministry to reach the sinners for Christ. Our crusades are organized through the following methods: We reach out through the existing Christian bodies in the city or town where God send us to go. We solicit for their hands of love in oneness and unity through the church leaders to have a united gospel campaign for the winning of souls into their existing churches. This demand opens their mind to support and corporate with our ministry. Gospel Net throwers is the major financier of such crusade. The souls that are won in this gospel campaign are shared into the various existing churches that cooperated with GO- NET. The body of Christ in a city or town can planned for their annual gospel outreach campaign in their cities to reach out to the sinners for Christ in their cities and decide to invite GO-NET to conduct such gospel campaign. An outreach like this is mainly sponsored by the body who invited GO-NET or GO-NET but it depends on the arrangement of the host pastors.

An individual who has passion for soul winning can have a targeted area (Nation, City or Town) to reach the unreached for Christ; such individual can contact GO-NET to carry out the vision he has received and by sponsored by the visionaire. The vision's owner is the soul sponsor of this kind of crusade. A ministry or a church who is concerned with evangelization of the people of a targeted area either for church planting or for growing her church in a targeted area can also organise a gospel crusade in conjunction with GO-NET, which is mainly sponsored by such ministry or church.

International Evangelist or a foreigner who has a vision to reach out to a particular area in Africa can contact GO-NET for partnership in arranging and networking with all the pastors and the churches of that area for effective mobilization to carry out a great gospel crusade for the foreign Evangelist. The incoming guest is the financier of such program. Ministers conference and workers trainings and seminars can as well also be plan for a visiting minister of God from a foreign land through the platform of GO-NET. GO-NET will mobilize for such guest minister.

REVIVAL PROGRAMS. Revival program is raised to help the local assemblies (churches) to revitalize the commitment, consecration and dedication of her members and restored back the full loyalty of the church (every believer) to Christ Jesus, this kind of meeting always has a great and positive impact and influence over the church where the revival is carried out. A program of this nature is mainly based on the invitation of GO-NET by the Pastor of a local assembly.

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