The Gospel Net Throwers also known as GO-NET is a divine ministry raised by God to meet the spiritual and materials need of her audience through the breaking of the depth of the bible to provide God's given solution and to meet the spiritual and natural need of the people.

It all began in 1993 when Evangelist David O. Adeniji pastored a local Assembly, God took him (Evangelist David O Adeniji) to an upper room painted in white colour in a vision by a man he could not actually described who said to him in that vision "You are now in the kitchen and it is your time to feed the whole world".

The only one thing that could be seen in that room was a brand new silver colour cooking gas while the man was talking to me a full cream of tin milk he brought out from nowhere was found in his hand and he gave it to me which prompted me to be wondering in the vision how would I feed the world with just a cream full of milk in a tin without any other type of food.

Then the man said to him again 'It is your time to feed to the whole world and he said to me these are the people you will feed' and he opened the window of the upper room for him to see the people he commissioned me to feed in the world, Lo and behold there were sea of people who stood outside of the upper room that can not be counted by anyone on earth. It was after many years i latter knew what the milk I received meant.

The milk I received stood for the Word of God to share with the entire world. Ever since this Supernatural encounter he had from by Jesus, the ministry of Evangelist David O. Adeniji had dramatically had supernatural insight into the dept of Bible beyond what human any being can imagine, Evangelist Adeniji had a special revelation of the Scripture to bring the Word of God out of the written logos of the bible rather than just analyzing or preaching the ABC of the bible in the natural way without having access to the deep mystery of the Word in the mind of God for His people and for the world. Then thereafter, the ministry of Gospel Net Throwers (GO-NET) was commissioned in the year 2005 to feed the world with the milk of the Word of God which was given to the Evangelist in the vision he received from God through the gospel campaign of the evangelistic ministry of GO-NET by Evangelist David O Adeniji.